Boost Controller Kit for Edelbrock Superchargers by SmoothBoost

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Introducing the first and only retro-fit electronic bypass valve. Made right here in the USA, this new control kit removes the old vacuum controlled Bypass valve and gives you a precision electronically controlled valve to smooth out your torque curve so that it drives powerfully and predictable. That's not even the best part... With the turn of the SmoothBoost dial you can even set the level of boost you would like.

Say your car has a pulley making 15 psi but your engine can not handle that much boost without race gas and you want to be able to run pump gas without changing the pulley and tune. Easy, just turn the variable boost control dial down to the desired level of Boost. Then when you are ready for the higher HP simply turn the dial to MAX or use the configured input on a switch to have 2 preset boost levels and enjoy the full capability of your supercharger.

The SmoothBoost valves make for a much happier engine and drivetrain. Instead of hammering boost into your engine all of a sudden it gives you, the driver full control over adding power output from the engine precisely and right when you need it.

Don't think that because it smooths out the transition into boost that reaction time will be sacrificed. If you hammer the throttle right form idle it take the bypass roughly .2 seconds to close. Instantly igniting the tires OR lay into the throttle slowly and control your wheel spin.

All Positive Displacement Controllers have these features built in:
Boost scramble
Boost cut
These features are useful when at the track, wiring in a type of fail-safe device to cut the boost or even configuring a valet mode

*Please note that this product may require the user to recalibrate their PCM.

For Edelbrock Supercharged Vehicles 
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