Jeep Gladiator JT Tazer JL Lite Tuner by Z-Automotive

Weight:1.0 lbs
**Please check local and State laws for emissions compliance before purchasing this product**
*Warranty Options  
90 Days
2 Years, Add $20.00
*Vehicle Trim  
Sport S
3.0 Eco Diesel
3.6L V6 Pentastar
2.0L i4 DOHC DI Turbo eTorque Engine
2.2L Eco Diesel

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Simple, plug-in installation – Tazer JL Lite simply plugs in, in place of your SGW module. Supports 2020 Jeep Gladiator JT.

Features are all accessed using the dash display, using steering wheel buttons to navigate the menus.

Tazer JL Lite features can be broken into two categories:

Vehicle Settings – which are changes made to the Jeep-like tire size, gear ratios,
or change settings to accommodate other upgrades or modifications. These
changes will continue to operate after the Tazer JL Lite is unplugged.

Live Functions – which are functions the Tazer JL Lite performs live, only while
plugged in.

Vehicle Settings:
  • Change Tire Size
  • Change Gear Ratio
  • Change Transfer case LOW ratio
  • Enable/Disable TPMS system
  • Change TPMS pressure warning limit front/rear (25psi-85psi)
  • One-touch return-to-stock – Quick “unmarry” function returns all vehicle settings back to
  • stock.

Live Functions:
  • AutoStopStart disable – remembers the last state of the auto stop-start system and will set it for you the next time you start the vehicle
  • AutoTracKill – remembers the last state of the traction control system and will set it for you the next the time you start the vehicle
  • Can disconnect sway bar in 2WD up to 30mph
  • Light Show mode – 6 preset and 3 make-your-own Light shows that flashes all the exterior lights, perfect for car shows/first responders/off-road visibility. Control from Key Fob or steering wheel buttons. Can be enabled for in-motion use for parades, off-road and legal police/EMS.
  • Cooldown mode: Turn engine fans on-demand when the ignition is on, engine not running
  • Line Lock: Can lock front brakes for an easy burnout
  • Rock Crawl: Can lock all four brakes by pressing steering wheel buttons to hold the vehicle still, especially helpful when off-road.
  • Winch Mode: Raise idle to 2000 RPM with a simple button press.
  • Display DTC’s – Shows the diagnostic codes that’s making the check engine light come on.
  • Clear CELs – Reset that pesky check engine light. Good when you have mods that set the light and you know exactly why.
  • 0 to 30 and 0 to 60 Timers – Displays 0-30 or 0-60 times on EVIC display
  • Firmware updates – the new firmware is available periodically, always free!

Can be upgraded any time via USB by purchasing an activation key, to the full Tazer JL/Tazer JL Mini feature set. Click here for more info!

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2020+ Jeep Gladiator JT 
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